We offer a complete range of business consulting services for companies seeking business growth & sustainability.

Let Kinetic Consulting help your organisation reach the next level! Our specialised services are designed to equip you with tailored solutions and strategies fit for any challenge. Our tailor-made services are designed to help you drive growth, bounce back from poor performance or become more sustainable with expert strategies, roadmaps and full digital transformation solutions that will set your organisation apart in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Macky - leverage AI with our purpose-designed AI business consultant


AI Business Consulting Platform

Macky is an easy, non-prompt-based AI consulting solution for up to 55 different business categories. The platform is powered by OpenAI's artificial intelligence technology. Macky aims to reduce the cost of everyday basic consulting needs for companies so they can empower their employees to complete these tasks without the need for costly consultants: Macky

Business Strategy & Governance

  • Corporate strategy review
  • Strategy design
  • Start-up strategy
  • Carve-out strategy
  • Roadmaps for strategy execution
  • Go-to-market plans
  • Governance

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Sales & Marketing

  • Growth engine designs
  • Revenue engine designs
  • Product-market fit strategies
  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Web 3.0 & Metaverse strategies
  • Channel Strategies

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CX, EX & Contact Centre

  • Design CX Strategy
  • CX roadmaps
  • VoC and VoE
  • CX Audits
  • CX implementation support
  • Contact Center audit & benchmarking
  • Contact Center Reengineering

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Human Capital & Operations

  • Operating model
  • Organisational structure
  • HR reengineering
  • Capacity planning
  • Employee assessment & coaching
  • Process reengineering

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Business & Digital Transformation

  • Strategy pivots
  • Turnarounds
  • Digital transformation roadmap
  • Business transformation roadmap
  • ICT audits
  • IT service management design

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ESG & Innovation

  • ESG audit
  • ESG strategy & roadmap
  • ESG implementation
  • Innovation models
  • Innovation labs
  • Design & Blue Ocean thinking models

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  • Business Strategy & Governance

    Strategic planning is essential for any organisation looking to ensure long-term success and sustainability. For over 25 years, we've partnered with businesses of every size from a variety of industries around the world - leveraging our expertise to help them navigate complex obstacles on their path towards achieving their goals. With our strategic assistance, you can minimise potential pitfalls in your plans and accelerate progress with good corporate governance practices designed specifically for optimising results!

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  • Sales & Marketing

    Unlock the potential of a successful and thriving business with Kinetic! Our team has extensive experience in creating customised revenue plans to help you scale your operations sustainably. Take advantage of our knowledge on virtual platforms like the metaverse, or AI systems for enhanced customer engagement and loyalty - possibilities are virtually endless when supported by industry-leading expertise. Harness these opportunities for real value creation now at Kinetic!

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  • Customer Experience for Growth

    Our team is comprised of leading international professionals who have a proven reputation for creating customer experience solutions that allow clients to sustainably increase the economic value of their company. We do this by working with you to transform your organisation via our unique methodology, allowing you and your business to begin achieving your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. As one of the leading consulting companies in Dubai, we have the expertise and skill needed to design and integrate solutions that are not only practical for your employees and your business, but effective at generating sustainable economic value.

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  • Contact Centre Design for Excellence

    The contact centre is often the key customer management function in most organisations. The changing customer requirements for corporate interaction across multiple different channels requires designs that incorporate leading omni-channel technology. Our expertise in designing contact centres spans over 25 years’ experience and is backed by our track record for winning awards. Enquire how we can help design a world class contact centre that incorporates all the best practices for a fully optimised operation.

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  • Business Transformation

    Whether you are merging with another company, acquiring a new one, or changing your operations to accelerate growth, Kinetic Consulting Services is able to facilitate the transformation required in your organisation. Our management consultants work with all stakeholders to ensure all aspects of your business transform effectively to new operating models and are able to extract new value for your customers.

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  • Digital Transformation

    The age of the hyper-connected consumer has arrived. With simply the click of a button consumers can immerse themselves in a world of products and services that span the millions. This makes switching brands as simple as ever and gives them the freedom to write negative reviews at any point, a feature that can severely impact your success. Our management consultancy helps you create a value-based digital transformation that will encourage positive interactions between customers and your company. Now more than ever, the success of a company lies in its ability to reduce effort and increase convenience for customers using digital solutions.

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  • Human Capital & Operations

    A streamlined operating model and carefully considered organisational structure will set your organisation up with the tools to make strategy a reality. To really reach success, employing individuals equipped with an array of capabilities is essential. At Kinetic we're proud to provide specialist human capital services - including HR transformation and learning & development assistance – as well as expertise in taking businesses that extra mile!

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  • ESG & Innovation

    As many countries move towards a goal of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, businesses will soon have a clear set of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) benchmarks to adhere to. From 1,100 standards available in the global marketplace, innovation has now become the cornerstone to achieving sustainability goals. Let Kinetic's ESG specialists help you identify and implement the ESG framework that makes sense for your business goals - so you can contribute meaningfully towards sustainable development!

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