Special COVID-19 Business Resources

During this unprecedented crisis, we are providing a series of free webinars and papers to specifically address COVID-19 business issues. Each webinar focuses on a specific topic that will hopefully help business people deal with the current crisis. Our COVID-19 customer experience survival guide is also available for download.

The topics for the webinars will be defined by the demand from our customers. Please check this page for regular updates.

We have provided recordings of our previous webinars as as resource for your business.

1. Webinar Topic: Dealing with the Top Priorities - What are They and How to Approach Them?

Focusing on the important priorities to effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis. What are they and how to approach them?
In this webinar we will outline what business leaders need to address as a priority during this crisis.

2. Webinar Topic: Defensive and Offensive Business Strategies During the Crisis

In this webinar we cover the different strategies defensive and offensive strategies to consider when navigating through the crisis.

3. Webinar Topic: Planning For the Rebound - What Will Your Customers Expect?

Customer expectations will have changed due the COVID-19 crisis. In this webinar we examine what you should be considering to ensure your customer experience meets the new expectations of customers.

4. Webinar Topic: The New Customer Expectations in a COVID-19 World

This webinar was co-hosted with Business Way in Saudi Arabia. The webinar outlines how consumer behaviour has changed leading to new expectations when they deal with an organisation. We outline 10 practical actions that organisations should take to deliver a great customer experience in a COVID-19 world.

5. Webinar Topic: Managing the Return to Work: Key Considerations for Your Employees and Customer Experience

What are the key employee and customer experience considerations when returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown? Learn about the actions and approach organisations need to take to effectively manage the return to work in this webinar.

Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

The events surrounding COVID-19 initially posed unimaginable challenges for business and organisations. Now that we have experienced these challenges, it is prudent to take the learnings and apply them in a constructive and effective manner to prepare us for future challenges better. This guide provides 5 valuable lessons for business and government organisations.
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Customer Experience in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has changed customer expectations in a profound way. Customers now expect organisations to keep them safe from catching COVID-19. This survival guide provides 10 practical actions organisations can take to meet these new expectations and deliver a great customer experience.
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